Yeah...I did it! And here's why...

Let's Talk About IT Lady! You know...IT.  The embarrassing period story you have.  Yep, I'm talking about it!  I'm sure every woman in her life has at least ONE, Two or maybe even THREE period horror stories that still haunt her and the anxiety hits the pit of her stomach like the middle schooler she was every time she thinks about it.  Let’s face it, we all have one.  And the feminine product world capitalizes on those dreadful moments.  Don't even get me started on how much I paid for that last "Super Sized" overnight protection pack. Grrrr... Like clockwork, month-after-month we flock to the feminine aisle every month searching for the next best thing because of the "will it happen again" thought that crosses our minds when we stand there staring at the "new and improved".  Give me a break!

For most women, it’s usually a beginner faux pas where you simply forget or you’re still getting used to the cycle and didn't prepare properly. But what if you are in your Forties, married, with children, successful career and successful business owner and that nightmare continues to happen?  IN REAL LIFE!

Missed work, church, functions, activities, days away from my love of sewing…basically missed days of life.  Lying in bed for days, paralyzing pain, weak and not to mention the severe hormonal roller coaster that sets me in a state of depression questioning everything I think and do.  When do you say enough is enough!  When do you say “This is not normal”.  I have tried everything and nothing is working and this thing is affecting my life in a major way.  This my dear is no longer a period, it is THE nightmare that comes when it wants to and stops me in my tracks leaving a trail that forces me to carry an extra set of clothing everywhere I go “Just In Case” it happens again this month. (I warned you this was for big girls only).

So after years of trying alternative remedies, months of doctors’ visits and consultations and a divine encounter with a woman at work who just happened to have had a hysterectomy because of the same reasons, I scheduled to have my Hysterectomy.  As I write this I am recovering, and the blessing in this challenging time is that I have had the time to reflect, meditate and rest. It’s been a slow process but I am hopeful and at peace with my decision.  I am thankful for my amazing husband who has been so patient and constant with me before during and after the surgery, thankful for my mom-in-love for treating me as her own feeding me breakfast in bed even though it was just as hard for her to walk up and down those steps too. And thank you to the woman who so humbly shared her story so that I can have the courage to make my own decision.

I hesitated to share this because I always think, "who cares?  I am ok with my decision and that’s all that really matters, right?  I don’t need to share. In the end, what I do really doesn’t matter".  But I know better.  I know how selfish and self-centered that kind of thinking is.  It is only a trick of the enemy to stop me from reaching that one person who may be struggling with a similar problem and looking for that glimmer of hope that provides just enough light to find her center and be at peace with her decision. 

So I encourage you today, even if it seems small.  Share Your story.  Do it for the one.  We never go through something just for us.

And please know that I will be creating again soon.

Stay Sewcial…Stay Inspired…

XO, Sebrina

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